It has been my practice to always preserve products made with water, that will be in contact with water, or will be applied by dipping fingers into the product to smooth onto skin.

The most recent lesson in my essential oil coursework is all about the fungus, bacteria, and other micro-organisms that live on humans. If I were a “germophobe” I imagine I would have had a complete breakdown.

I’ve found that a lot of handmade cosmetics purchasers want a product that is free of chemicals and preservatives. First, everything is a chemical. H2O, O2, NaCl, C12H22O11. Water, oxygen, salt, and sugar. And the argument “I don’t want to put anything in or on my body that I can’t pronounce” makes you sound stupid. Sound it out. And not wanting preservatives in your lotion or cream is foolish and dangerous. Contaminants like mold, fungus, bacteria, microbes, viruses are everywhere. Even huge companies with perfect clean rooms use preservatives in an effort to prevent contamination of product. I preserve at manufacturer’s recommended percentage for the preservative I’m using. I go as botanical as I can without compromising on safety or quality. I’d far rather give you the maximum allowed amount of safe preservative than untold millions of nasty organisms just looking for a place to grow and multiply.