It has been my practice to always preserve products made with water, that will be in contact with water, or will be applied by dipping fingers into the product to smooth onto skin. The most recent lesson in my essential oil coursework is all about the fungus, bacteria, and other micro-organisms that live on humans.
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Rose Hydrosol

There is a rose near my kitchen window called Zephryn Drouhine. It is an old Bourbon thornless climber and it is the most fragrant rose I’ve ever grown. Or so I thought. One of the amazing things about my house in The Cedars is the terraced rose garden along the fence line between me and
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Aromatherapy Studies

Since the beginning of March ’21 I’ve been taking courses with the Tisserand Institute. I’ve been working with essential oils actively since 1995. I’ve educated myself through reading and direct experience. The coursework is challenging, fascinating, as well as well-organized and expertly presented.